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  1. Ольга

    Качество ткани на высоте, приятные на ощупь. Ношу с чашей, то невероятно удобно, смотрятся очень хорошо)))10 из 10!!!

  2. Ганна

    Все супер! Дуже задоволені, маємо вже три пари💕

    • bnb

      Дякуємо,що обираєте нас! Нам це важливо!

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Underwear Sport+ burgundy



Comfortable two-tone BNB Sport mid-rise model In this model, a protective gusset from a special material is sewn from the waist to the waist (from the top of the panties to the back and to the top of the panties in front), giving maximum protection against leaks.

The entire white area in the photo of the model is a material that absorbs moisture without passing further. A special medical membrane allows the skin to breathe. The gusset is cut from a single piece of material, so the panties do not leak in the middle.

The gusset fabric (protective insert) consists of two layers: a cotton ball of high soft terry and a protective, moisture-proof, breathable membrane. A terry ball absorbs liquid, and a membrane is a barrier to moisture. Thus, the discharge remains in the middle of the panties, the cotton absorbs them, and the skin breathes freely.

Panties are soft, reliable elastic is mounted in a wide tape, sit on the figure, fitting and protecting against leaks. On days with spotting or when you expect a discharge, you can wear panties on your own. On days with intense discharge, we recommend using panties together with your usual method of protection – tampons, menstrual cups, and gaskets (the gasket is glued to protective panties).

Sizes: XS – XXXL

Composition of the main material – 95% cotton, 5% elastane;
gusset – 80% cotton, 20% polyurethane.

Physiological underwear BNB – medical goods – not subject to exchange and return.

Made in Ukraine.

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