BNB - More than Underwear

For all girls and women.

We have developed the most comfortable clothes for critical days.

They no longer had to worry about an accident. At any time: when you are sleeping, playing sports or walking, you are safe.

All you have to do is choose the model you want:

  • BNB Sport  Panties

    BNB Sport Panties


  • BNB classic panties

    BNB classic panties


  • BNB panties postoperative

    BNB panties postoperative


  • BNB summer swimming  panties

    BNB summer swimming panties


How Protection works

For times when it’s simply too much.

Moisture-proof protective pants help to keep clean clothes or bed linen and give peace of mind in any situation.

The underwear uses a special material for the gusset, consisting of two layers: a cotton terry layer and a protective membrane. The membrane doesn’t allow to pass moisture but let’s the air through.
Therefore, the secretions stay inside the panties, and absorbent cotton absorbs them.

Pant models are designed so that the gusset protects the back and part of the abdomen

How the underwear works – watch the video.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why BNB?

Good question. I could even say is my favorite.

Because it is “More than Underwear”. Because on the keyboard it is easy to type BNB – the keys next to each other. And as it turned out, this is an allusion to the great, well-known “to Be or Not to Be”

This question women ask themselves every month. Will there be a deep sleep today? Will I wash the bed linen tomorrow morning? Will there be a trip? Will there be a beach today? Will there be fitness today? And each of us will come up with a lot of similar questions that come down to BNB. Time of the period – they affect life and plans.

Our company LLC Synteth has been working for women for more than 20 years. We offer different medical things to solve a variety of women’s problems. But menstruation is not a problem! – you will say, and you are right. Yes. I agree. However, they create some nuisances in daily life.

Therefore, we decided to offer women a product that may not add color to life, but will definitely not allow them to loose brightness. Add peace of mind and confidence to your life. Modern one is so fast and active, and BNB underwear will help you keep up, rejoice and be active!

(UA) Як користуватися трусиками BNB?

Sorry, this entry is only available in Ukrainian and Russian.

How many washes can the underwear stand? Are there some recommendations for the proper care?

The underwear is accompanied by instructions for proper washing and drying, so as not to damage the gusset. Washing temperature – no more then 30oС, do not iron. The underwear maintains more than 30 washes, it is perfectly rinsed without losing its properties. Wearout of material and elastic bands is as in ordinary underwear.

How to determine size?

You can determine size by yourself.
To do this, measure the girth of the hips from the navel 2 cm (about two fingers) below the navel through the highest point of the buttocks. Using the size chart, select your BNB size. If you have any doubts, call us, our managers will be happy to help you choose the right size

I have a non-standard figure and I worry that the size will not suit me. What do I do?

If you are in doubt whether the size fits you – contact us. Our managers know well how to choose the perfect BNB panties for your figure. Pre-measure, please, the girth of your hips.

Can I add uniqueness to my BNB panties? What is the cost of such a product?

Yes, at your request, we can create a unique product with embroidery in the form of your monogram or emoji. The cost of such work – additional 50% of the underwear cost.

When will I get my order?

After placing and confirming the order, you will receive underwear in 10 – 16 days or 2-3 days within Ukraine. The exact number of days depends on the conditions of the Mail. All orders received before 15.00 are sent to you on the same day.

Where is the underwear made?

All BNB models are manufactured in Ukraine

Is it handmade?

The underwear is sewn by experienced seamstresses with the use of industrial equipment ensuring the quality standard and quality control of products.

Why is such price?

BNB underwear is made of high quality fabric, we use a special certified cloth for the gusset. Selected materials, unique sewing technology and quality control are all put into the cost of the finished product – and these factors provide the reliability and comfort that is so value for BNB panties owners.

Why did you decide to design underwear for girls on special days?

We sure that our girls deserve the best: to travel, play sports, give birth to healthy children and feel comfortable and secure. That is why, we have been dealing with medical goods for over 20 years, taking care of the health and comfort of our girls.

Is physiological underwear popular in the world?

Yes, physiological underwear has been used by women in many countries for more than ten years. This is indispensable attribute of the wardrobe of a modern active girl.

Is your production certified?

Yes, our production is ISO13485 certified as a medical good.

Is the underwear and its materials certified?

Yes, our production is ISO13485 certified as a medical good.

All materials for underwear are certified, have a sanitary-hygienic conclusion.

The material for gusset is supplied by the world leader of the manufacture of protective fabrics for medicine and is certified by the quality of the European Union.

The final product is certified in Ukraine as a medical one, has all the necessary Registration and Quality Certificates.

The quality of the product is confirmed by clinical and preclinical studies, as evidenced by the test reports.

Declaration of Conformity BNB

Quality Certificate

Why is BNB underwear suitable for me?

This underwear was developed by a woman with the participation of a gynecologist.

BNB provides additional confidence in women’s secretions and doesn’t prevent the body from breathing. An indispensable tool during menstruation, treatment with vaginal suppositories, stress urinary incontinence, after childbirth, cesarean section, operations, or for those who use a pessary.

BNB helps women not to lose their chosen rhythm of life.

Product reviews



Beautiful underwear, comfortable! Highly recommend lovely women!



Very comfortable panties, indispensable on the road, good for sleeping.



Just super! Practical for all 100%. The finest quality and the price! I highly recommend it to everyone for greater self-confidence !!! And the SPORT series was also very stylish)

Katia T.


Cool panties, comfortable and pleasing to the body! Very pleased, now I sleep peacefully in the "women's" days!

Iryna Kh.


Such panties are just must have. Booked recently, but already had time to try, panties managed to "100%" and saved me when menstrual caps failed during training. The quality is perfect, the first washing was without any loss of quality.



Very cool to finally not worry about getting into an uncomfortable situation during the menstruation. I had a very rich first day so often missed parties and meetings: but now I can afford it.



After childbirth, this lingerie saved me!



For most of my life, I have not known what this type of underwear is - menstrual underwear, but recently came across an article where it was told and decided to find a solution for myself. As a result, I found a bnb lingerie. For me, the decisive thing was that the company is Ukrainian, so I do not overpay and the fact that the Americans cost up to $ 40, and here is 250 UAH. Thank you!


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E-mail: bnb@sinteth.com.ua
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