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How do BNB panties protect against leaks?

Menstrual panties are sewn of soft natural cotton. The fabric for the gusset (protective insert) consists of two layers: a cotton layer of terry and a protective moisture-proof membrane. A terry layer absorbs liquid, and a membrane is a moisture barrier that breathes. Thus, the discharge remains in the middle of the panties, the cotton absorbs them, and the skin breathes freely.The gusset (protective insert) in the panties protects to the waist from the back, and you can choose the gusset height from the stomach to either the waist or the middle of the panties.

BNB menstrual protective pants will help to keep clothes, bedding clean and will give more calm and self-confidence in any situation.

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High-quality and comfortable menstrual panties from BNB

Women’s everyday life looks different: studying at university, work, favorite hobby, caring for children, walking with friends, playing sports. But there is something that unites all members of the fair sex – and these are critical days. At such moments, girls refuse light clothes, go to the ladies’ room more often, and also carry additional hygiene products. To continue to feel comfortable and protected, you should pay attention to menstrual panties from leaks. These medical underwear can be a real salvation in different situations: in everyday life, in these days, as well as when there are problems with the genitourinary system, postoperative or postpartum period, which is accompanied by prolonged natural discharge, and so on.

Why buy menstrual panties in Ukraine?

It is recommended to buy menstrual panties for the following reasons:

  • Ukrainian underwear is reusable.
  • Easy to care for – washing does not affect the appearance.
  • Leakage protection thanks to a special layer.
  • No unpleasant odor.
  • Comfort while wearing.
  • Linen breathes

Briefs for girls successfully perform their main function primarily due to a reliable protective layer – the swallow is presented in the form of a solid piece that does not leak. The outer layer is made of a unique membrane that does not allow secretions and allows you to “breathe”.

BNB - a proven online store of menstrual panties

On our site you can not only buy panties for a variety of life situations, but also order pregnancy tests, vaginal simulators, silicone patches, gynecological pessaries. We offer delivery to any Ukrainian city. If you have additional questions about cooperation or you want to learn more about what are menstrual panties and why you should choose them, contact our qualified managers and consult with them. We are waiting for your calls!

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